Self Isolation Again

Self-isolation again. I first started in early March 2020 before it even had the ‘shielding’ name, and before the government had got their shabby act together. At that time Dinah had Covid – all the symptoms, but no testing available at that time. We decided that self-isolation was an essential survival tool.

Before all this cancer shenanigans I was already extremely clinically vulnerable – another delightful phrase this pandemic spawned. I was on immunosuppressants (not any more), diabetic and have a breathing condition. A straightforward decision. The initial adjustment was hard, Dinah and I both struggled without each other and I used this blog and video creation to process my thoughts and feelings.

And now we find ourselves needing to self-isolate again. My operation is on Monday; getting Covid before that would not be helpful. So, although I don’t officially need to isolate until after my PCR test on Friday, we’ve already started. Social engagements are out, except for the odd chat when out with the dog and other well tested technological options.

We’re now in the final week of preparation, before the op; it’s been a difficult few days. My bowels have not been behaving. I’ll spare you the finer details, but it has disturbed my sleep and well-being. I’ll not vent for long, but I do have to say I just want this thing out now. I know that recovery is going to be a longer, harder slog but let’s just get on already!

The operation’s hospital venue has switched. I will now be in one with an ICU. The anaesthetist has concerns about my airway and wants to be close to high levels of support should there be complications. I’m all for that. I’m now going to be at Morriston Hospital, on the east side of Swansea, and ironically the location of my new photography exhibition.

The hospital is operating a ‘green room’ policy, where everyone who enters has done a daily PCR. No Covid incidents is the intention. Hence the need for me to complete a PCR before my op. Also, there are no visitors allowed. I’m not even certain what state I’ll be in during the 5 days I’m expected to be in hospital, but I do hope that the WiFi, my head and body are all working well enough to maintain some social contact with family and friends.

Meantime, it’s a low fibre diet, low social contact, quiet week. Exciting huh? I’m very uncertain about the post op period and whatever else will follow – possible chemo and a liver op hover just out of view. This year is certainly going to be a challenge. Your continued support and comments are hugely helpful. See you post op.

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  1. Les Hall
    Les Hall says:

    You’re doing great Lee! Acceptance, flexibility and faith are the key strengths you seem to have. Life sometimes sucks. But with that comes the hope that things get better.

    Be grateful that you don’t live in the good old USA. We had to pay $30k as our ‘deductable’ to my cancer treatment. The final cost which was almost half a million bucks, paid for by insurance. Yup, the greatest country on Earth. Not!

    I’m thinking or coming back. But the weather…

    All. the best, Les

    • leeaspland
      leeaspland says:

      Thanks Les. I have meant to email you but the week has got away from me. That’s crazy money. But it worked right?

  2. Sue Riseley
    Sue Riseley says:

    Only just heard about your most recent medical diagnosis! The health and personal challenges you have previously experienced and overcome have been enormous, your positive attitude is a credit to you. Thinking of you, and best wishes going forward xx


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