Shape of Light

I recently went to London for a consultation with the eminent throat surgeon Guri Sandhu. I am fortunate to get to see this leader in Larynx reconstruction and even more fortunate to be supported on the visit by my girlfriend. Whilst we were there we stayed an extra night and took in a few sights, including the fascinating abstract art and photography exhibition Shape of Light at the Tate Modern.

For those of you with a curiosity about how we can shape light to create photographs where the subject is secondary and the interest is in how the shapes, lines, tones and patterns might make us feel, this exhibition is a must. It explores 100 years of photography and abstract art looking at those who have transformed reality, or have used photographic materials to create images with little obvious reference to the real world.

“Shape of Light reveals photography’s role in a wider history of abstraction……Throughout the exhibition key paintings and sculptures reveal the changing relationship between photography and abstract art.” (Tate Modern). The exhibition is on until 14th October 2018.

Here are a few of my photos taken at the Tate Modern inspired by the experience.



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