Street Photography from London to Swansea

Last month, with a friend, I took part in a Street Photography Workshop in London with Mark Fearnley. Mark (the one in the trilby) specialises in Fine Art Street Photography and offers London workshops in small groups or 1-2-1. 

We travelled up and stayed the night before in the big city. Arriving early for a 10:15 start in St Pancras Station we started exploring our location. Mark arrived and explained that we would be following one of his routes through the capital. We spent the next five hours walking the streets (and a bit of tube travel).

The first hour or more was spent around Kings Cross and St Pancras Stations at locations known to Mark. At each one we were encouraged to frame a scene that was dramatic, full of shapes, contrasting light and patterns, and then to wait for a single person to wander into the scene.

Mark also shared generous tips about composition and technique, particularly making use of reflective surfaces.

I really enjoyed the day and have included 6 of my favourite portrait photos below. However the key to a great workshop – as Mark said – is not the day, but the next day. Could what had been learnt be transferred to another town or city? Find out how I’ve got on in Swansea below the London photos.

Ralph and I decided we needed to test out our new techniques in Swansea. Would they be transferable? Perhaps there wouldn’t be any inspirational locations. We were both confident that the new Copr Bay footbridge would provide opportunities, even if the rest of the city would take more searching.

I have now visited the location twice; here are my favourites.

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