Three Peaks is the name of a surfing spot at the North end of Llangennith Beach, next to the island Burry Holmes. It is the part of this surfing beach that provides the more powerful, bigger waves and yesterday it was sharing 4-5ft clean sets.

I went down with Taylor, praying for the drizzle to back off. As we arrived and we both prepared for our activities the rain continued. I sent Taylor off ahead whilst I had a cuppa and gave the weather an extra 10 minutes to clear.

The walk down to the beach from Broughton Bay car park is a 15 minute stroll through sand dunes and after the first 5 minutes my prayers were answered and the dankness started to lift a little. On the way down, as I was mucking about with my camera, I was passed by several surfers. This persuaded me that this set of photos would not just be about the just the surfing but the whole experience of being at this less popular, but beautiful end of the beach: including the horses that stopped us on the drive home!

When I began to edit these photos I soon realised that the generally flat grey conditions would look best as a black and white conversion, with a little contrast and graduated filter editing thrown into the mix. Here they are.