It is a joy to report that Spring has shaken off its chilly grip and allowed the sun to warm our bodies. Finally the heating is off and the summer duvet is on. It’s all change.

Over the last week I have been fortunate enough to be out and about in a lot of this fine weather and have had my trusty little camera with me. Some of time I have been working with outreach activities from the Dylan Thomas Centre, once I walked to and from work along Swansea Beach and there were two visits Pwll Du Bay, on the Gower, which is currently my favourite local beach.

All of the photos on this post were created with my Canon G7X, which is neat package of fully manual yet pocketable camera. Which goes to show that the best camera is the one you have with you. This particular gem provides full control over the exposure decisions and even allows you to send the photos to your smartphone via a WiFi connection.

Despite these marvels of modern technology they are still not going to improve your ability to see the photographic opportunity. If you would like to improve this ability then why not book onto my workshop at the end of the month.