Swansea Open Exhibition

I submitted my two Brexit photos for Swansea’s Open Exhibition recently. Unusually, they required printed and framed art, ready to hang on the wall, rather than a digital entry. This actually fitted in quite well for me. For although I was in hospital on the submission weekend, I got the two photos ready before hospital and my lovely neighbour, Maria, delivered them to the Glynn Vivian Gallery.

The second photo (above and below) – Where’s the Brexit Boris? – was created during the proroguing of parliament debacle. Can you see Boris on the far wall, overseeing the parliamentary chaos? The first photo (below) – Where’s the Brexit? – was created one sunny winter’s day this year, when I was feeling the anger of frustration of the political in fighting, strife and discord. I think that the pair make an appropriate pre-election diptych and fortunately the selection panel felt the same, as they were both selected for the exhibition.

The Opening event is 2:00 – 4:00pm Saturday 7th December at the Glynn Vivian Gallery, and runs through until 23rd February 2020. It is always an eclectic mix of art; something for everyone.

Where’s the Brexit?

Where’s the Brexit Boris?

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