Mindful Photography Course – Week 7

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The home stretch! This penultimate session carried on with our consideration and development of mindful attitudes through photography and we started by reviewing the photos created by the students for their homework. After that we looked the mindful attitude of Beginner’s Mind, before setting more homework around Acceptance. Homework – Rightness and Wrongness Last week I finished by setting the … Read More

Beginner’s Mind Practice

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The phrase ‘beginner’s mind’ is used in meditation and mindfulness as an encouragement to greet the present moment as if it was the first time we had experienced it. Of course it is, but we don’t often live as if it is. When we are sat, meditating, the object of this intention is often the breath. To sit and experience … Read More

MBSR week 1: How is it going?

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Last year I enrolled and completed the MBSR at Swansea University. At the time I blogged a little about my experiences. I will be revisiting these posts over the next few weeks to share my progress applying the ideas and practices to my life. Please share your thoughts and feelings too, the course is now hugely popular and is a … Read More