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Weekly Mindful Photography Challenge

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Every week throughout the summer I will be posting a photography challenge that is designed to bring you into the present moment. They can be completed with any camera, even your phone. Your favourite photos are posted to our Facebook group, which is a public group so that you can invite your friends to join in. This week’s mindful photography …

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Developing Mindfulness through Photography

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Mindful Photography is mindfulness applied to the process of creating a photograph Mindful Photography is mindfulness developed through photography. It starts with seeing clearly and extends through the technical and compositional choices, towards an encouragement to align your eye, your mind and your heart whilst you are completely present. There is a lot to unpack in that definition, so let’s …

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Blue sky thinking, feeling and seeing

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A Mindful Photography practice I saw the sky and I could not resist: a one hour mindful photography practice with blue sky as the theme. Every photo created to have blue sky in the frame, either as the background, feature or reflection. It is a stimulating practice to limit your creative options. By choosing one theme this also provides an …

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A little bit of light relief

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I have been very slack of late. Perhaps the unrelenting rain and general drabness has smothered my creativity. Oh no, that can’t be right as I have been posting daily Instagram photos from my phone. No, I have to face it I have just been otherwise occupied. However, the wall to wall sunshine today got me out and about early …

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Beginning the Day

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Recently I have considered the impetus created by our imaginative idea that we have now started a New Year. I say imaginative, because it is our ability to imagine that something exists – to give it structure, definition, and rules for its existence – that has produced the idea that we are in a New Year. Every other animal on …

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Fear 1

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Fear is very much on my mind. This is a significant week for me and I am aware that there is a considerable swirling of fear swooping in and out of my mind. As part of living through this period with acceptance, compassion and wise reactions I am attempting to lean into the fear rather than run away from or …

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Changing your perspective

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I first thought of this idea as a literal photography activity, actually choosing to create photographs from a different perspective. In the example above, as if I was Monty, a chunky Bijon Frise viewing the world about 12-18″ from the floor. In itself I could see the potential for photographs that felt different. I later realised that the activity and …

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Film Style – a mindful photography practice

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I was feeling a little dazed this morning. An early rise and ragged breathing left me with a sense of disconnectedness. As I had to take Taylor to work in Mumbles I thought I would change my routine, drop him off and then do a mindful photography practice to ground me. The ‘Film Style’ practice is a space, time and …

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Mindful Attention

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I use photography as a practice for mindfulness. As mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, creating a photograph can provide many practices that enable us to connect with what we can see, what the camera can see and what we feel or a feeling that we wish to convey. Recently, I have not been well and have been …

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London Mindful Photography Practice

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Here are my favourite photos from a 1 hour mindful photography practice in London last weekend. The anchor I returned to when my mind got busy was ‘seeing colour’. Looking at the photos today I am reminded of how I felt when I was there. The traffic noise, constant movement and speed, merged with iconic ideas of London: the red …