10 tips to slow down your photography

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Mindful Photography in action Digital Photography is fantastic. Its ability to capture what we see and allow instant review has revolutionised photography. It has changed how we create photographs and how we edit them. But perhaps the most fundamental change is that it has supercharged the creation of a photograph. Photographic creation and sharing is now like a Ferrari 812 … Read More

Sunset Afterglow

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I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without sharing a Rise/Set photo I created at a mindful photography workshop a few years ago. I had booked the space, date and time in Llanmadoc on the Gower Peninsula in late September in the hope that we would be blessed with a great sunset. The reality exceeded my expectations providing one of those … Read More

Henri Cartier-Bresson

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“Photography is putting one’s head, one’s eye and one’s heart on the same axis” Henri Cartier Bresson I do love this quote. Not only does it summarise my view of photography beautifully, it has also been an inspiration for my development of a mindful approach to photography. Henri Cartier Bresson was a French photographer who is generally regarded as the … Read More

Weekly Mindful Photography Challenge – Self

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Every week throughout the summer I will be posting a photography challenge that is designed to bring you into the present moment. They can be completed with any camera, even your phone. Your favourite photos are posted to our Facebook group, which is a public group so that you can invite your friends to join in. This week’s mindful photography … Read More

Weekly Mindful Photography Challenge

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Every week throughout the summer I will be posting a photography challenge that is designed to bring you into the present moment. They can be completed with any camera, even your phone. Your favourite photos are posted to our Facebook group, which is a public group so that you can invite your friends to join in. This week’s mindful photography … Read More

Why mindfulness is relevant to photography

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My refocusing of my photography business as an online service that offers self development and enquiry through photography, with Mindful Photography at its heart, has encouraged me to reflect on why I have applied mindfulness to photography. Jon Kabat Zinn (Full Catastrophe Living), who has probably been one of the main catalysts for the growth in popularity of Mindfulness in … Read More

Guest Post by Alan Wood

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The following post has been generously shared by Alan Wood and details his own exploration of mindfulness and photography A Personal Journey to Mindful Photography by Alan Wood I have been a photographer since, as a child of 7 or 8, my grandfather gave me his box Brownie camera. Over time other cameras followed but I eventually found that work … Read More

Developing Mindfulness through Photography

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Mindful Photography is mindfulness applied to the process of creating a photograph Mindful Photography is mindfulness developed through photography. It starts with seeing clearly and extends through the technical and compositional choices, towards an encouragement to align your eye, your mind and your heart whilst you are completely present. There is a lot to unpack in that definition, so let’s … Read More

Still Point

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There is a still point between the in breath and the out breath. And another between the out breath and the in breath. Each is milliseconds in length. Each is a time when the world is in balance. You may not be aware of their arrival and passing. But they are always there, always available. The in breath requires us … Read More

Develop mindfulness through photography

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My thoughts of late have been much around how I can share more effectively what I have developed. It has taken me 55 years of living, a couple of years of development, an online course, live workshops and some significant life events to really bring my thinking on delivering mindfulness through photography – or Mindful Photography as I usually call … Read More

Mindful Photography Walking

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Once a week I intend to get out with my camera and do a mindful photography practice. This involves walking with my camera, following the 4 Stage Seeing Practice – always returning to the visual feast before me when my mind drifts off – and then creating a small set of photos that reflects that experience. More often than not … Read More

A little practice

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Usually when I deliver a workshop I do the activities whilst the students are out and about creating their own photos. This idea that everybody in the room does the activities provides a common reference point for discussion later when we feedback our favourites. But it does mean that only one or two of the photos from each person’s set … Read More

Mindful Photography Course for your staff

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Mindfulness is now recognised as practice that is supportive to all aspects of our lives and something that can enable us to respond positively to stress, rather than react habitually. It is for this reason that many corporations, public sector organisations and businesses encourage staff to follow mindfulness sessions at work. With this is mind I have developed a Mindful … Read More

10 reasons to embrace Mindful Photography

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My top 10 reasons to embrace mindful photography are outlined below. These may stimulate more questions for you than they answer. Some of those will be answered at photography workshops later this year and next. Others will be explored in my forthcoming book. In the meantime I am happy to answer any questions you may have, just use the contact … Read More

Wet in Wales

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Wales is well known for its rugby, singing, daffodils and sheep. Perhaps as today is the first weekend of the Six Nations 2016 I should be blogging about the chances of Wales winning the tournament (which are pretty good), but I have been overwhelmed this morning by the reason for all those sheep. After all you can’t have sheep without … Read More

Sky, sea and sand

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We have been fortunate over the last few days to experience a little sunshine in between the showers. As it has pretty much rained every day since November I have been very keen to get out and experience the sun. Whilst I have been walking I have particularly been drawn to the interplay between the sky, sea and land. Each … Read More

Four mindful photos

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A couple of days ago I went for my regular circular walk. As Monty is currently away experiencing the Gower I decided to strap on my headphones, put my music on random and follow my eyes. The walk takes me down local urban streets into a large park. Halfway round Singleton Park there is a cut through between Swansea University … Read More

Simplify your camera set up

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I have written in the past about how imposing limitations can fire up your creative juices, but simplifying your camera set up can also allow a greater connection with the visual feast in front of you. Let me explain. I believe that the greatest area for development for a photographer is in our seeing. This is at the heart of … Read More

Cameras that sense your emotions

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Intuitive cameras? Would you like a camera that senses what you are photographing? A camera that knew how you felt when pressing the shutter? A camera that used all of this information to adjust the colours, tones, exposure and contrast to take account of your intentions and record a photograph that best invoked your feelings? Nikon imagine that you will. … Read More