Surfing not falling

Just got back from a hairy trip to Swansea West Pier. Taylor wanted to go look to see if it was surfable, so threw on some clothes and headed down.

I persuaded Tay to bring all of his gear, rather than check it out and come back. It was the right decision. The waves were pumping and a few adventurous surfers were already in.

I walked out along the Pier wall, which was a little scary, to get these shots. It was a little tricky for the surfers to pass me on the narrow wall top! Still it was worth it I was right next to the action and only got a little wet! The last couple of photos are of Taylor.

Oxwich Point Surf

As the father of an avid surfing son I often get dragged out to explore new surf spots. This way I have ventured out to places on the Gower, such as Pete’s Reef, Bluepool and now Oxwich Point, that I would probably not visit otherwise.

Oxwich Point, I am reliably informed by Taylor, only works as a surf break when there is a huge swell, low tide and south – westerly winds. These conditions have been pretty regular over this holiday season, as big swells have piled in on the back of ex hurricanes and Storm Frank.

It is a 10 minute walk out from the Oxwich car park, down to the Point. Most of the way there is a sandy route, only as you get close to the end is rock scrabbling required. The day we went there was a 50 mph wind whipping round the headland, providing a challenge just to stand upright whilst watching Taylor catching clean breaking 5-6ft waves.

It was interesting to be stood almost at 45° to the breaking wave, but unfortunately Taylor was then mainly surfing with his back to me. So I had to wait for a top turn to get a glimpse of his face – generally a desirous effect even for a surf photo! Anyway, here are my favourite few, with a final portrait as requested by his Grandmother.