Tales from a hospital bed 1

Three days after my major op I’m alert (well I am right now, it comes and goes) and healing. The process all went as expected and now I have a couple of weeks in the hospital where patience will be my watch word.

That’s easy to say, but I have to sit around the ward for almost two weeks until I have the trach removed, hopefully. There is daily testing, poking, cleaning, drugs and more drugs to colour the day.

Fortunately the lovely Dinah comes to keep me entertained, and I fall asleep. Ah yes sleep. It’s been intermittent. The pain and testing disturbs any long rest, and so I fall asleep when visitors come.

So if you’re at a loose end drop me a line, you will help the day pass with a little more flavour and boy does it need that. I have all forms of communication here, but no voice of course. Hopefully that’ll be back in a short while. Until then I can entertain with these dazed messages. Do write back!

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  1. John Spalding
    John Spalding says:

    Hi Lee.
    Glad everything is going well and you are on the mend.
    You need some distraction to break the monotony. Have you considered audio books? Audible do a free trail. Ideal for breaking up the day and getting you out of yourself.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery
    John Spalding

  2. susan riseley
    susan riseley says:

    Hi Lee, you’ve had the dreaded op then! Hope you have a speedy recovery, and your voice is back stronger than ever, soon.

    Take care Sue xx

  3. Kathryn Stallard
    Kathryn Stallard says:

    Three weeks of hospital food, now there’s an interesting prospect, a blog waiting to happen?
    I hope you’re not in too much discomfort!
    All good wishes for a speedy recovery and a successful outcome.
    Love to you,
    Kathryn xxx


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