Tales from a hospital bed 6

I sense that the slowing of change and the adjustment to my new scenario may influence the content of these blog posts. It’s a challenge in the relentless routine and unchanging sensations to find interesting creative output. But then that’s why I’m doing it! So here goes.

Medically all is going as well as possible. There is not much change. Less painkillers is good. Eating is happening, but is not inspiring. The main item of entertainment is, “Have your bowels moved today Lee?” The common answer is unfortunately negative. However, I have stopped needing the codeine which allegedly doesn’t help and started taking a probiotic, which will help my gut return to some normality. I could certainly do without the enemas!

The highlight today – unless my bowels move(!) – will be the visit of my lovely valley girl. Dinah is travelling up today and should be here this afternoon, possibly picking up a bacon sandwich on route. Yum.

Meanwhile, I have been out for my morning wander, creating a few photos within my confines. I have chosen a few to share below. But I fear that my creative juices are being a bit drained. I’ll have to have a re-think tomorrow. Or maybe you could set me a challenge? Send me a photography task that would entertain and stretch me. Go on, you know you want to. Just add it into the comments below or use the contact page.

I like this one for its simplicity, colour and humorous juxtaposition


When in doubt hunt out colour and throw in a diagonal


Multiple exposure in camera. What is he thinking?


Who cannot fail to get well with support from these two?


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  1. Colin
    Colin says:

    Great to see your on the mend, I am supprised they let you wander around taking photos, but heho keep your end up, best wishes.

    • leeaspland
      leeaspland says:

      Thanks Colin. You notice there’s no people and no mention of which hospital. Just in case. Don’t want to cause offence


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