Tales from a hospital bed 7

Thanks to those of you who contributed photo themes to keep me creatively occupied and in mischief. I’ve had staff faces, tension, equipment as art, textures, hospital hustle and bustle, and probably my favourite – slippers! More on that lower down. But before I show you today’s creations I need to have a little ramble on about boredom. I know, how exciting.

Sometimes we just have to sit and await the world’s unfolding. These moments are quite rare in our striving, can do world. We have become quite used to doing something all the time; to taking action, making decisions, wresting control – doing anything except just wait and watch the world unfurl. Moments when we don’t have access to distraction or entertainment are very rare. So when we are in one of those slower, bland moments, just sitting a waiting is beyond our habit, even with access to online distractions, and we may describe this time as boring.

Perhaps a trigger for the boredom is when choice has been removed, when we have to just sit and wait. The week that I am now in has been called by many of my caring team as a ‘boring’ week. When compared to the first week – with its catalogue of medical interventions, monitoring, drugs, recalcitrant bodily functions, ongoing discomfort, poking and prodding – it is certainly less eventful.

This is the kind of boring I can cope with, maybe even thrive in. For it is also an opportunity. A time where sitting and observing this unfolding is a little like a retreat. I can watch my thoughts, reflect upon where I am and where I might be going. I have time for seeing and creating and for sharing how this is for me.

At least this is the shape of most of my days. However, there are still swathes of time where it all passes me by. Where it is just about escaping the humdrum. And amongst the paying attention and watching the world’s unfolding, escaping has a place. I believe that it may provide an opportunity for rest and fun, for my subconscious to have a holiday. I can just imagine my subconscious on a sun lounger, in the shade of a tropical beach, watching the waves and reading his favourite book.

And bang, I am back in the room. More meds are being doled out. Routine and boredom are OK. Balance between the watching, paying attention and escaping is the key for me. And then there is always a firework moment to look forward to. This morning’s first bowel movement for over a week is certainly one of those! Who would have thought I would ever have blogged that sentence. See, certainly not boring.

Equipment as Art

This is the theme I went with today (thanks Sis). I did talk to several nurses about photographing them, but there was a strong reluctance to get involved. So equipment as art today. Here are a few of my favourites.

Regular visitor, the ‘Obvs Machine’


Yin and Yang


Keeping us going


Wipes for every occasion


Fortunately, a rare visitor


Yes, that is my throat on the screen


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