The space between

The photo at the top of this post was taken last weekend. The one lower down was created this morning as Monty revelled in the fresh snow. In the space between these photos much has happened.

Sometime life is full of events, change and activity. You may call these spells demanding, or challenging. Or you may use more colourful language. However we all experience these periods and I know that they provide me with rich territory to practice being present with how things really are. I know I write about this quite a bit, it’s been a difficult period of late, but it is helpful for me (and hopefully you) to discuss difficulty openly. For from that conversation processing of events, changes and challenges can begin to occur.

In the space between I have been to London for an operation on my throat by the specialist team at Charing Cross Hospital headed by Mr Sandhu. The purpose of the operation was to improve my airway and that has happened, although it is still too close to post op recovery to be sure of the final improvement.

Now I have to be patient, allow everything to settle and hope that in a week there is some improvement that will last a while. As I reflect upon my travels and travails I am find myself hugely grateful for the skill and care of Mr Sandhu’s team, and the love, nurture and support of my family, friends and girlfriend. As always it is these human qualities that decorate the space between.


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