I thought I would start this morning with a clear definition of today’s Daily prompt: transformation is – to change in form, appearance, or structure; metamorphose. Also to change in condition, nature, or character; convert. That’s clear; we are talking about major change. There is a nice link here to my previous post on Change, one that I will develop upon.

Have you experienced a personal transformation? If so, what was the catalyst? I think it’s probably a fair guess that if you answered ‘Yes’ that the catalyst was probably some major life event. Something that involved fundamental loss of some kind which stripped you of some of the anchors and shape in your life. From events such as this transformation is inevitable. If much of what we knew or defined us is gone or changed, then there can only be transformation. And whilst at the time this is scary and deeply unsettling, it also is exciting. Though that emotion may well only surface after much heartache and processing of the major life change.

I feel that I am right in the middle of major transformation. Some days I feel like I am creating a new version of myself. It is not always a fully conscious process. There is much that is instinctive and some that is planned. But I am saying yes to new opportunities, making key changes to how I am working and how I am spending my time. Every little decision to do something new or different adds colour to the transformation and begets new opportunities. These in turn lead to other events and choices. It feels exciting and scary. I don’t know where exactly it is heading but I do see quite a different life for myself in the not too distant future.



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