Weekly Mindful Photography Challenge – Part of the whole

Every week throughout the summer I will be posting a photography challenge that is designed to bring you into the present moment. They can be completed with any camera, even your phone. Your favourite photos are posted to our Facebook group, which is a public group so that you can invite your friends to join in.

This week’s mindful photography challenge is ‘Part of the whole’ and it includes a 30 minute Mindful Photography Practice. This is in response to the idea that everything is part of the whole; you, me, a branch, a cloud, a wall. It is all made up of the same stuff and it is all connected. Your photographs may be tightly framed, implying that there is more outside of the frame.

Using your favourite camera/lens set out for a location close to home. As you walk do not look for a photographic opportunity, but wait for visual stimulation that suggests the theme, ‘Part of the Whole’. You are to spend just 30 minutes on this practice and create 10 photos. No more, no less. Try not to review the photos as you practice. Keep count in your head. Stay present with the visual experience.

Share your favourite photo here. This is mine. I like the combination of man made structure and nature’s conquest. I also like the strong graphical composition, use of colour, shape and simplicity. I look forward to seeing yours.

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