Weekly Mindful Photography Challenge – Summer

Every week throughout the summer I will be posting a photography challenge that is designed to bring you into the present moment. They can be completed with any camera, even your phone. Your favourite photos are posted to our Facebook group, which is a public group so that you can invite your friends to join in.

This week’s mindful photography challenge is ‘Summer’ and is an invitation to create one photograph that represents an element of your summer. Maybe go for a walk with your your favourite camera/lens on a lovely sunny day, we’ve had a few lately (even in damp Wales!). Imagine that you can only create one photo, walk and observe. Wait until a photo opportunity stops you. Look at the scene. Consider how you will frame it (what is in the frame and what is out?) Consider how your camera will see the scene. Then create one photo.

Share your favourite photo here. This is mine. I like to include myself quite often, the photographer in his world. Here I have created a reminder of my day, relaxing in the sun after a walk along the beach. With an element of summer play in the background. I look forward to seeing yours.


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