Where’s the Brexit Boris?

You may remember my first ‘Where’s the Brexit?’ photo (below) which I had exhibited as part of the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition 2019. I was also fortunate enough to sell it. All that experience and the continuing Brexit chaos has encouraged the creation of a follow up photo.

The first photo was all about the chaos and argument caused by political in-fighting both within the main political UK parties and throughout Parliament. The figures on the left represent the short term thinking and disagreement that has dogged the leaving process. I attributed the name of the Greek Goddess of strife and discord, Eris, to the daubed paintwork. However, I remained hopeful of a positive outcome – hence the blue sky in the top right corner.

Now, time has moved on. The Conservatives have a new leader who has brought a bullying, direct approach to the process. Central to this approach has been the proroguing of Parliament. Now, a month ago most of us had no idea what this meant. We soon found out though, as parliament was suspended for five weeks, just at a crucial time for Brexit debate in the House of Commons.

I had discovered the location for my photo a couple of weeks ago. Its chaos, and inaccessible exits immediately put me in mind of the Brexit process again. I like the idea that the empty seats could also represent the House of Commons. The seats in that institution are also green, and here in the photo are empty, decrepit and overgrown by weeds. Enough said! If you look really carefully you may find the Eris has left her mark again. There’s still a little hopeful blue sky. Ever the optimist. I can’t imagine that this process will be completed very soon, maybe there will be an opportunity for a third photo?

I would love to hear what you think as I am considering entering it for an exhibition soon. Please post your comments below. Thanks.

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