Who Am I Now Exhibition live

Finally, after several delays, my Who Am I Now Exhibition is now on the walls, at Morriston Hospital, Swansea. And it looks great!

The exhibition has been developed over two years with nine patients of Swansea Bay University Health Board, whose lives have been significantly altered by a major life health event. The original project aim was to produce two portrait photographs with each subject. One that represented a self-image before the life event, and one that represented their current self-image. Then the Covid 19 pandemic happened.

I had just completed most of the second photos when we all went into lockdown. I myself was shielding and decided to pause the project to see what developed. A year later, I approached all the subjects and asked if they would be willing to help create a third photo. I felt that the pandemic was such a significant life event for us all; I had to include a third photo that responded to the change.

Each set of three photographs is presented as a triptych and explores the question “Who Am I Now?” The choices of content and composition were developed in creative co-operation with each portrait subject. This collaborative approach provided the opportunity to explore a multi-layered representation of self, conveying several concepts, whilst assimilating documentary and abstract approaches where appropriate.

If you can’t get to the hospital to see the 27 photos and statements live, you can view my online version, which also has all the accompanying statements from the patients. If you can make it, the exhibition is on the first floor close to the restaurant. I look forward to hearing what you think.

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  1. John Spalding
    John Spalding says:

    Hi Lee

    I’ve been following your difficult journey.
    I’m currently working in Morriston hospital and look forward to seeing your exhibition.
    Kind regards


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